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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wrapping up a pretty decent day

I finished my away from home training today and I did pretty well and recruited some volunteers for some very worthy organizations who help many people. I have to be persistent and determined to accomplish what must be done and at the same time confident and positive. I can be very naturally cheery and that annoys some people but I think in a job like this it is a plus. I am happy to have a part time job that is flexible, I can work at home, and have some steady income while the business builds.

I have a farm sitting job that will be ongoing in January, some kenneling and grooming but December has been very slow. The first three years are hard when starting a business and this is the first year for me. I need to market myself more. I have a contact at a well known pet boutique in Bath and  I need to call on her and introduce myself and ask for referrals.

Tonight I came home and found Kylie and her Dad cleaning stalls and they had finished by the time I arrived and were just cleaning up. They had hayed and watered and all was left for me to do is give out the feed. It was nice to be able to come into the house for awhile and rest before jumping into action.

Tomorrow I will be working from home during the day and on Friday but next week I will start my evening hours. I am excited to do my morning routine, work my regular business and be with the animals and then spend a few hours on the phone in the evening working. I can keep moving and doing things and getting exercise and only be immobilized for a few hours and I will have a break or can walk away for a few minutes. If I have to pet sit I can still do that and come back and finish the job.

I have four sleeping doggie angels sleeping around me right now and the Christmas tree lights twinkling and all is well tonight at Kindred Acres, tomorrow... that is another story!

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