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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Visitors, Teenagers, Barn and a Bitter Sweet Homecoming

A friend stopped by to see the farm and she is not a farm person. She is an animal lover but not to my extreme. It was fun to watch her with the horses. I have been very busy and Kylie is a great help but she has to do her school work. Today I had to put my foot down and get her priorities straight.

Hauled some barn stuff over from the old barn and am getting ready to redo the fence where we have to create new access to the big pasture. We'll have help over the weekend and several things may be done quickly I am hoping.

I was overjoyed to see our older gentlemen come home but our sweet boy Rauls is not eating and losing weight very fast. I'm afraid if he doesn't eat we'll not have much time with him. Satire looks great and lost some weight but is still in great condition and his energy level is much higher.

I didn't take pictures of the homecoming but I'd like to paint one with words:

A silver wisp, a gentle spirit rest over me
Soft caresses of a warm velvet muzzle
Dark pools of light glimmer in my direction as soft eyelashes brush against my face
Breath sweet, eager, gently warms my hair
My soul melts together in harmony with an ancient love
A silver wisp, a gentle spirit rest over me
Near, not fleeting, nor shallow, only lasting.

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