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Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Weeks Worth of Running in a Single Day

5:30 this morning I was up researching loss of appetite in horses. I found information about why they root for dirt at the root level of grass. Also, a vitamin B deficiency causes loss of appetite. Of course there are many things that can cause a horse to go off his feed.

I went back to bed till 7:30 and took care of feeding. I went to Tractor Supply and Kmart then back to the farm. Took Kylie to the orthodontist then to Walmart. From there we got gas and went to the farm in Westfield Center where we will be caring for their animals while they take a vacation.

Afterwards, we hit Town and Country and finally Spencer feed before heading back. I called my neighbor and he dragged over a leaf shredder and we shred hay very affectively. My reason for running all over hecks half acre today is to pick up as many forage and feed products to help Rauls eat and to get weight on him ASAP. If I am not successful in getting him to eat in the next couple of days we will loose him.

I gave him corn oil in chopped hay but the most successful attempts at feeding was with about three pounds of Purina Senior and beer. He didn't jump on it but I scooped out handfuls and slid it into his mouth and he swallowed almost all of it. He looked eager and waited but didn't take it I had to keep putting in his mouth. It is the most he's had in several days. I also made sure he got the roughage along with it.

We took him to the big pasture but he called to the herd so we are going to take the miniature out with him tomorrow so he'll have someone to graze with which is very important to induce him to eat.

Satire is doing wonderfully and is very hungry come feeding time and finishes all of his food. He is strong and will be back up to a good weight by winter I'm sure.

All of the other horses are doing well and are happy. Cody enjoys having friends and playing around with "Hooves of mass destruction" HMD aka as Echo.

My birds are hanging in there, I know they miss me but I spend a little time in the morning with me. The dogs and I have part of the evening any way.

I'm sleepy now, really tired. I will sleep well and sound tonight and hopefully Rauls and I will be brighter in the morning. Sending up prayers for Rauls and to except God's will.

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