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Monday, October 18, 2010

Farm Sitting, Dog Grooming, and School Work

We have been farm sitting for friends since Saturday. They have 5 cows, at least 12 goats, peafowl, turkeys, ducks and geese, 20 or so chickens and about 30 rabbits. I don't think I missed anyone... oh yeah and a cat.

They have a dog and some other cats but others have taken them for the week. The chores take a little over an hour but have been fun. Kylie's favorites are the chickens and the rabbits. I like the two buck goats and the two smaller steers. Lots of smells and noises to be sure. Tempting to get some goats and chickens but not the right time with all that's going on.

We got a call from a friend that owns a kennel that was in need of someone on short notice to do some bathing for her today. Kylie and I did 8 dogs in 4 hours and they were all so cute. We had a nice time and it is good work that pays well.

This week is finals and I haven't done any school work in two weeks, I was to exhausted and couldn't think about focusing on anything else but taking care of the horses.

I have a slim chance of pulling off at least a passing grade. If I don't I'll have to pay for the classes out of pocket and take them again to graduate. I am going to try my best. After this week I requested as much time off as I was allowed so I have 29 days to not think about school work and concentrate on getting the word out about what we do here and to get things winterized.

I have also had two customers for behavioral consultation for dogs and am renting out the groom building as a kennel when needed. Our website is getting a lot of traffic and we are getting more calls and emails now. The other house is leased to a really nice family and we need 3 horse boarders still. Things are picking up. We should also be called in for more grooming at my friends as the holidays approach.

I wouldn't mind being able to take a nap once in awhile sometime. Feeling strong but can always use extra sleep or super powers whichever... :)

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