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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Meter Man Returns

Okay, we need some of that eerie music playing in the background here. First the meter man checks the meter on the front porch... the dogs launch themselves towards the door and windows in a yapping and deep throated (big Daniel) bark. The threat passes as the intruder (the meter man) gets in the car. I wait for it...

The dogs discover the intruder in the back yard reading the barn meter. A even bigger burst occurs, just so happens this is where all the birds and bunny are housed (the sun room). The dogs lunge and bounce up and down in front of the windows and there is a deep growl. Meanwhile, the birds are freaking out and the bunny looks like it could be a heart attack for him. They were all still napping and didn't anticipate the sound barrier being broken in their sun room.

I look out the window and wave to the meter man as he walks back to his car. He does not waive back, the clear expression on his face is one of relief. He was brave checking the meters, especially with beware of dog sign on the fence but he is glad to be done with this brush with death or being licked excessively take your pick. That is... if the dogs should have gotten out (evil laugh).

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