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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grease Guns, Egg Beaters, Fences and Doing a Man's Job

I learned to use a grease gun today on the manure spreader. I actually have one of my very own now thanks to Griff the neighbor and I also have a hand egg beater which is very cool for some scrambled eggs.

In between people stopping by, going to the feed store, and doing a pet sit I managed to get most of the fence finished as far as stringing the tape. I will make two gates tomorrow and Dave put the wire through the trench and it is ready to be hooked up. I will also have to run a wire to the charger tomorrow which will not be a big deal. It was pretty chilly today and I had a real sinus headache for most of it but managed to stay on top of things.

Interesting that when you do jobs that men usually do and you are a women people look at it totally different and especially other women. It seems that women don't think women are capable of doing certain things. Best of all women are more likely to believe a man's opinion usually more than their own kind. I must say I enjoy sitting back smiling about this now, there was a time where I would find this very frustrating but find it amusing now.

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