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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Braced for a Storm, Moved Stuff, Bathrooms are Important

Heard about having high winds yesterday and was keeping watch. Kept the barn closed down and horses in. Shirley took the big guys out and ran them around in the arena this morning.

Moved stuff, got caught in the beginning of the rain. Done moving thank goodness. The storm could have been really bad but wasn't much here. I knew something was up when it was blowing cold air and then I got a real gust of hot air in the face. Always a sign of possible Tornado. How do I know this? Grew up on the Ohio River in a valley and we had Tornadoes routinely in the summer. I always have my Twister Radar on in my head.

The basement in this house is better to hide in so that is comforting should we ever get the real thing. This house is shielded more than the old house. Trees were always coming down around the old house and wheel barrows being blow across the pasture etc.

Forgot to unlock the back building today where the bathroom is. There was distress caused by this. I recall being at a boarding stable that didn't provide a bathroom. Not cool... I also remember people using the stall instead.. way not cool.

Tomorrow bird cages cause I didn't get to them today. Feed store to get senior food bags. Kylie is off to a home school get together for the afternoon. I will get sawdust I think on Thursday because certain people might be around and I could talk them into taking it out of the truck.

Since the barn was in lock down we fed the horses at six, came back at 7:00 and picked stalls. We let everyone stretch their legs a bit and they got some extra hay. Everyone is looking good for the winter. Still need to get a little more fat onto pony and Satire.

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