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Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting Colder, New Neighbors, the Diabolical Mini, Lowkie gets a Lesson

Getting cold it seems pretty fast and I haven't adjusted yet. It seems colder now then in winter because it has such a chill.

New neighbors are in my old farm house! A nice paint horse, a goat, and a sheep now reside there also and two dogs of course.

The diabolical mini.... says it all. He opens doors, sneaks past people, hypnotizes people for treats and all in a very cute little package.

Lowkie my Pionus Parrot got a lesson in socializing today. Haven't had much time for him the past few months. I gave him a bath and held him and let him hang out with  me most of the morning. He's very sweet but must learn to leave the safety of the top of his cage. He's very handsome and tame but shy. He also has a temper when he doesn't want to step up.

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