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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Great Day and a Sad Day All in One

Today went fast with the usual doing this and that. We did our last farm sit this morning and we babied our handsome patient in the barn. The neighbor came over and gave me a ride on his motorcycle which I haven't been on one in years and felt like a kid again. We pressure washed the dog care building and got it ready for use as a possible kennel. It has a furnace and hot water so it's perfect.

Our senior horse of the barn went to the hospital for pre-scheduled test this evening, and it was very difficult for us. He called to us and his herd mates and when he did he called out a part of my soul. He is the one responsible for a decision I have made about our barn going forward. I feel the reason for this place and where I am at in my life now is to care for retired and geriatric horses. I think some people will think me crazy and frankly many barns don't want the risk or the extra work but I embrace it actually.

I've done some research about the stables in Homerville that offers the same type of care and I think it is a good thing. I'm praying for help and guidance in taking this step and asking the Creator of all things to bless us in all that we do going forward and that He may give us wisdom and the gifts of the spirit to pour out the love and mercy to these horses as He has so generously poured out to us in kind.

I also pray that the Lord will comfort us through loss as that is one part of this decision that will be difficult. The crossing over... handing the lead rope over to the Almighty and saying goodbye. He is more worthy than we are to care for his creatures but it's still hard and I am human.

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  1. I think that is a wonderful idea! You are right, too many people shy away from 'older' horses and they need and deserve just as much care. Kudos to you!!