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Saturday, October 9, 2010

We are on the move!

Pretty good day today. The patient is doing better and eating. I had fun with two Maltese dogs.  We had a blast at the Works house for dinner. Somehow we got on the subject of animals and flatulence while eating dinner. Really a nice visit and a break from the nonsense.

We had the honor of farm sitting tonight and the rest of the weekend for someone who goes and buys old or neglected (or both) horses from the auction to save them and give them a happy ending. They aren't a non-profit just folks that want to do something good. I envy them in they can do something wonderful with their barn for horses that have been abandoned. It's purely love without the dishonesty and pettiness that goes along with this business. It is also done without ego or living their lives through these animals. It was also an honor to care for their senior who is extremely old. I wasn't sure if I would see him again after the last time I sat their horses but there he was in the arena as that is where he stays all of the time. I also saw horses that were skeletal the last time as new arrivals filled out and happy.

I managed to do some work on today and have an opportunity to write some articles for money for two other sights so we will see how that goes. The problem is finding the time to pump a story out that is worthy of print (grammar and punctuation aren't my strengths).

The thermometer came today and I am afraid it is not up to snuff so I will probably send it back and hopefully get a better one before we have another casualty.

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