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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tractor Supply, Hair Color, Naps, and Fencing

We went to Tractor Supply today and got some stuff to rig things around the barn. I really love making things safe and convenient and I get carried away in the hardware section sometimes. I bought some metal plates to fix some of the fence post holding up the split rails that have split apart, I also bought a split nozzle so a short piece of hose can be added to the pump for washing hands and rinsing things.

I don't have a lot of grey hair yet but my hair color has gotten very dull. With that said, it is time to do a little doctoring up. I am always in barn clothes and dirty but once in awhile I like to take time to do something to feel more like a women like my hair and some makeup. Growing my hair long again will make me happier too.

I took a nap today but I always feel worse when I wake up. I think I need to take a day and sleep. It's hard because I always have things to do and I like keeping busy. Winter will give us a break and of course once the fencing is done.

Speaking of fencing... got the fasteners on the posts today. I will make a gate tomorrow provided I can find my gate handles. I will put the connector in the ground and we will put the rest of the t-post in around the leach field in the next few days. I hope to be done by the weekend. Tomorrow I will be ready to string the first of the fence tape. It will look very nice.

Got my new electric Dremel to replace the rechargable one. I would get half way through shorting a dogs nails and it would die on me. I hate clipping dogs nails and hitting the quick. I just can't do it so I clip the tips and then Dremel them down. Most dogs don't mind the Dremel at all and I know I won't hurt them. It has five speeds and is reasonably quiet too.

Time for homework, I keep procrastinating.

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