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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Before I write the first sentence of this blog, I am wondering how many people who read this will either say wow I know exactly what you mean or that just sounds crazy.

I bought this property recently and have been out in the pasture on my small tractor almost every day. I pass by one particular place in this pasture and every time I do I feel a horse is buried there. I've mentioned this to my daughter who kind of thought it was mysterious and another person who dismissed it.

Today someone who lives near by and who knew the particulars about the burial confirmed my intuitive feeling.

There are certain times when I get feelings or have a dream that seems to be along the lines of a premonition and I'm one of those people who can't watch violence or horror on TV without being affected even though it's fake.  One example of what I mean by dreams happened when my daughter was very young and a babysitter was taking her around a person who was unsafe. Kylie was to young to tell me exactly what was going on. I had a very disturbing dream and the next day I questioned the sitter and put the pieces together and fired her.

Unfortunately, I can't share all of what I feel or sense lately but maybe that's for the best. I wonder how many people have the same experiences but don't talk about them because they think it sounds crazy or people read this and think it is crazy.

If you are the latter then raspberries to you! 

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