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Monday, October 11, 2010

Appointments, Cleaning the Barn, a Helper, the Neighbor and Hope

Had an early appointment today for a possible new boarder, I will hear in a couple of days. Used the leaf blower in the barn to clean the dust and dirt off the concrete and around the mats, it was great.

Received a call from a family who wanted to see the old house and showed it this afternoon. Waited to hear about Rauls and there wasn't much news except his blood work came back lower then before. Still, tests tomorrow and prayers today.

I had a helper today with stalls and spreading and it was fun thanks! I gave an old TV set to the neighbor who needed a better one and he and I went to the old house to get it while the family that saw it earlier came back to look again. Good sign.

This has been a rough month and the hardest I think so far but if we get through it then things will be better. It's funny how life can be so demanding yet so good at the same time.

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