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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Fence & the First Strand, Plan B, Taking a Break, TP, Pasture Friend

Working on the fence today and I usually work with a quarter inch wide tape because it holds its tension better but for the sake of visibility I am trying one inch this time. I don't buy all the fancy fasteners that are sold for stringing the fence but have my ways of making it sturdy and tense while making sure it has a good current. Unfortunately, it rained on me twice and I had to go get the roll of fence wire from the old property and hunt down the really nice fence handles I have too. I found them and got one line strung and secured at the end to the wooden post. I will be finished with the new lane fence tomorrow and it will have a gate built in to it for driving machinery in and out.

Since it was really wet and cold when Kylie's dad came to help we moved the operation into the barn (plan b) and he raised some of the stall doors and adjusted some pressure at the bottom so they would be easier to open and close. Sunday might be a possibility for putting in the rest of the t-posts but I can get the fasteners on the sleeves by then as not to loose time. Interesting enough one stall door wheel was not cooperating and still was pressing to hard on the door. I suggested we just step on it... I could of used a crowbar to look professional but instead I just stepped on it. Presto... fixed.

I called my academic counselor and worked out a plan to take a leave of absence from school in order to focus more on the business and getting established or better yet being able to survive.

Two women in one house and a half a roll of TP. We had reached a critical level of emergency. Three things we don't run out of around here and ignore, tp, cat food, and Annabelle's Avi-cakes.

The pony and mini were out in the big pasture today and I stopped working long enough to see what they were up to and noticed Bit standing by Raul's grave. The pony was much further down near the end of the pasture but Bit was grazing near Rauls. Bit looked up and saw me and then went to join pon

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