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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slow Morning, Oiling the Spreader, Catching Up

This morning was slow for me. I kept laying back down. I had a sore throat and a terrible sinus headache. After noon I rallied and went outside to get some things done. I started with unloading the truck and mowing and mulching around the barn and the front yard while spreading some manure on the lawn for next year. I mowed and mulched the backyard and straightened somethings out to make it easer to keep up with the bunny cage and the bird cages. I blew all the oak leaves around the base of the giant oak tree behind the house.

I moved on to oiling the ground driven manure spreader. The insides are made of wood and in order to preserve and protect them from the weather and manure the boards should be coated with motor oil. My neighbor has an abundance of used motor oil so I set about spreading it over the boards. I need a grease gun to grease the fittings and it is ready for winter.

I went back to the house and started cleaning the sun room and the bird cages. I accomplished the cleaning and swept and mopped the floor and then moved onto the kitchen, bathroom and living room. I just have to dust tomorrow and things will be somewhat caught up. I still have to winterize and hang the rest of my pictures but I'll get to it in the next couple of weeks.

Next on the agenda will be to bathe and groom all the dogs and trim the bunny. Theodore is a French Angora and can get really matted if not taken care of properly.

I did take time this morning to play with the dogs and Annabelle and I enjoyed a nice game of potholder tug of war. I held Lowkie for a few minutes last night. He really likes to be cuddled sometimes.

Tomorrow, fencing. I have the rest of the fasteners to finish stringing the fence and Dave will bring the electric to run in the ground to connect everything to the charger. I have a pet sit, need to hit Tractor Supply and fencing. Friday the horses should be able to go to the big pasture. I will be very happy as they need to be out instead of standing around.

I will have to make a sawdust run either Friday or Saturday as tomorrow I will be working on.. guess... what.. fencing.

After finishing cleaning in the house and doing some laundry out to the barn and did some cleaning there too. Kylie deburred the pony and bit and walked Satire. Everyone got a little hay when we finished and Satire got his last feeding tonight.

It was a good day and things are looking better. I think tonight I will sleep well.

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