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Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Golf Swing, Groundhog Wars, and Stuff

I have an old fashion sickle that is very sharp, it looks like a golf club. This evening I completed phase one of the rearranging of fence project on the farm. I swung with angst and severed all stems of what I think is elderberry stalks or something similar to it and they had an inch or more diameter but they were hollow which made it possible to cut them without something gas powered.

It was nice to see the pile underneath the overgrowth and it seems the previous owner stacked fence posts with huge spikes sticking out, wire fencing which I will drag instead of carry away, and some large boards. The groundhogs have a condo going on underneath and after moving the pile of stuff (phase II) they will be relocated (phase III)

We had a promising day with prospective boarders and a great dog boarding opportunity with grooming included. The patient started out a little rough this morning but is holding his own. This evening I made sure he ate all of his new food by feeding him by hand which he enjoys and is very gentle. He took his medicine like a champ and is all settled for the night.

We did our farm sit tonight and loved on their horses a little, tormented our neighbor Griff and harassed Annabelle before she went night, night.

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