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Saturday, October 30, 2010

In the A.M., Musical Horses, Fence, Sawdust, and other Nonsense

Walked out of the house today at a few minutes to 8 o'clock and managed to stay out with the exception of a bathroom break and a quick bite to eat.

After chores I worked on the fence till it was complete, and connected wires to make sure everything is hot. I finished around noon and then cut down some of the brush along the split rail fence and overgrown weeds and grass through the new pass to the big pasture.

Kylie joined me and we let loose the Pony and Bit... the ultimate test of electric fence is the diabolical mini "Little Bit". I'd say within 10 minutes he was happily grazing on the other side of the fence. He scooted under the tape barely touching it.

I unplugged the fence, tweaked the connecting wires and stuck Bit back inside his part of the pasture. Slowly Bit walks the fence line casually assessing it... turns and looks at me while I am standing by the charger and turns and walks away... I left him and Pony out while we went on to our next project which was the sawdust run. When we returned Bit was where he was supposed to be.... for now.

When we returned we put the truck in the barn with the sawdust because we didn't have time to unload it as Kylie wanted to go to a friends house for a Halloween get together. We also had two new horses in the barn as the horse fairy stopped by while we were gone.

We let the three big horses out so they could learn their new path to the big pasture. They did fine and cautiously sniffed the fence without touching. Echo danced around and then they all dropped their heads for a nice graze.

I dropped Kylie off and came back to feed and bring the big three in. They didn't come to me when I called even though it was feeding time because they had been off the pasture for a few weeks. I walked out and Preacher met me and walked with me to the barn, the others followed and Preacher stopped and waited for me when they got to far ahead. Everyone was fed and watered and settled.

Now as for the horse fairy, the plan was to bring horses early in the morning but that didn't happen. The plan was to bring two specific horses... that didn't happen. The plan was to bring buckets and feeders... can you guess?? that didn't happen. We will be getting one more horse tomorrow from the horse fairy and he was reminded about buckets and feeders. Also, we have a surprise guest named Colton.  He is a very young two year old horse who is just started his training... the horse fairy thinks this might be a good horse for a certain young girl to work with. I am tempted to say he is a horse lunatic but we'll see.

Two major things accomplished today. I am very tired and stiff. Tomorrow I hope to have some peace in the morning and enjoy some time with Kylie and the other animals we have before unloading the sawdust and attending to some other chores and cleaning up.

The winterizing of the house is the next project, grooming all the dogs, and unpacking stuff that is still sitting on the front porch. Of course, we'll see what other curve balls come up each day.

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