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Friday, October 22, 2010

Crunching Assignments, Leafs, Run Chicken Run

Tonight I am working on crunching in three weeks of assignments to make up a grade for my behavior class. I may work very late so I am thinking about coffee or at least some hot chocolate.

Leafs, the fall brings lots of color and also menacing assassin in the disguise of pretty shades just waiting for a horse to come along and munch them. After finals Sunday the fence work will be in overdrive to get everyone to the big pasture by next week. I'll get the small paddock cleaned up of leaf vermin for winter once all the red maple leaves drop. The pony and little bit are going out alone on the big pasture in the meantime to get some weight back on pony for winter.

Saving the best for last, farm sitting is a very interesting job. We have been sitting a farm all week without incidence until this morning. Two hens escaped their coop and were running around the machine shop. Armed with a trash can lid and Kylie ready with a blanket we chased them around tractors and tools under tables and work benches.  Kylie cornered one who flew and ended up running over top of her head, she wasn't injured but it was certainly a harrowing experience for her.

Finally, the hens slowed down long enough for the blanket to be thrown over them one at a time. The last one was very sly, she almost made it back under the coop out of reach when I trapped her with a garbage can lid. All of the chickens were in a ruckus over the chase and the roosters were really worked up. As I took the broom and launched the hens out from underneath the pen so we could catch them, a waive of chickens roared from one end to the pen to the other in utter chaos.

I quote " No Chicken ever Escapes Tweety's Farm" I am a big fan of the movie Chicken Run, one of my favorites, just didn't think I'd make a guest appearance!

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