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Friday, October 15, 2010

Weather, A Pasture Friend, and The Bird and The Cat

The weather was very frisky today between gusts of wind, sun and rain. Very much like a fall day though as it was chilly and a little gloomy at times.

Rauls was a little perkier today and went out a couple of times outside. We didn't want him to feel isolated so we let Little Bit out with him and they did well together. Rauls didn't graze much but he was not stressed by being alone or call to the herd. When Rauls moved Little Bit stayed with him as a herd mate should do.

Rauls steps were faster and his head raised more but he didn't try eating by himself except a little hay this morning. I hand fed him several times and gave him corn oil. The last feeding tonight he accepted the food and swallowed better for me. He's drinking water and is eager to walk so we walked him in the arena for a few minutes.

Shirley cleaned his wound and it is looking much better and healing. I brushed him twice today and got some of his fur smoothed out so he looks more like his old self. His sight is getting very bad but he still responds to hugs and kisses and he still likes being groomed and going outside.

Today was more promising than I expected, we will see how tomorrow goes. I still am not sure if he'll be able to turn around but I will do everything I can as long as he is responsive. I pray if the Lord still has work for him here he'll give him the strength to get better.

We weren't in the house very much today but towards the evening we came up to let the dogs out. I had put Annabelle's blanket over the top of her cage so she could sleep. She has an enormous cage and as we looked up we happened to notice one of our cats sleeping on the blanket at the top of the cage. Would have been an excellent picture except the cat jumped down before I could take it. So there was the cat curled up on the blanket on top of the cage and Annabelle holding onto the bars below the cat peering out at us.

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