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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Musical Stalls, Thanks to Skunks, Fencing

We started today with a farm sit and came back to the barn to do some tiding up. After Satires 1:00 feeding I went into the house but was tired and tried taking a nap. I managed to snooze a little. The family that leased the old house came and started moving and taking out carpet. We went to see how they were doing and answer some of their questions. I really like them and it seems they are very excited about the house and the land. It is a very peaceful place and these folks will be very good for the house.

We started chores and got everyone in and Kylie's dad helped move some wood and work on the rearrangement of fence. I had gotten a call earlier for grooming a skunked dog and they didn't get home till 7:00. I told them to come on over and I gave him a couple of baths and dried him. The smell was neutralized and he was a great dog.

Calls are picking up for us and that's good. I really love the flexibility and versatility of doing the many things I get to do with animals. I'm always learning and meeting truly interesting people.

We did some shifting with different horses in different stalls because Echo aka as hooves of mass destruction or muzzle of mass destruction (take your pick) needed to be in a stall next to a wall instead of another horses doorway. All of the stalls have a place for the horses to hang their heads out which is nice but sometimes complicated when you are walking them in and out of their stalls. We will see how the new arrangement works for everyone, hopefully things will go as expected.

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