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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feed stores, Tack, Stable Doors and Deals after Dark

Started out the day by packing up the feed I can't use and took it back to Spencer. I talked to the hardware guru there and we got some springs and caps to make our stall door latches safer. We visited the Litchfield Tack Shop and bought some used leads that were really nice.

We then proceeded to Medina Farmer's Exchange to buy new feed and they had some of what I needed, we then headed to Tractor Supply to pick up the rest. We are now good to go for the seniors coming home from the hospital.

Shortly after arriving home I unloaded the truck, tried mowing down one of the piles the previous owner left and got the mower stuck. I pushed it off the mound of dirt and kept going. We did chores and Kylie's dad came to spend time with her and I promptly put the bag of hardware I bought to fix the stall latches in his hand and he started the doors. Afterwards, he and Kylie lunged Cody and spent time together.

After dark the family that has fallen in love with the old house came by to talk about the lease agreement. They have more animals then we do (it's an omen) they have chickens, a sheep, and a goat. One horse, two geckos, finches and a bunny.

Remarkable day and a blessed one. Tomorrow will be even more exciting I'm sure.

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