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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Slower Day for a Change

Today I did chores in the early a.m. and went back to sleep for a few hours. I feel much better now, I need sleep or eventually it catches up with me.

Kylie had a dentist appointment and I had an appointment to help a family with their new dog and did a home visit.

We came back and cleaned stalls and went to Fairlawn to the Dollar Store and rented a movie from the Red Box.

I am all anxious because here it is 9:00 or so and I am not worrying about getting school work done. I passed my behavioral course, the teacher posted grades right away and I got full credit for my final paper.

Tomorrow I have some things to take out of the old garage and I am finished with the old property. I am waiting for fence fasteners and the pasture will be done. My brother is going to put a new ring on the toilet because it leaks and I am cleaning all bird cages.

I hope to start writing again on and some of the other websites I will actually be paid to write for and get my name out there.

The family we farm sat for came back and are very happy with our service, they are really nice and have offered to take Kylie to a church retreat with them in a couple of weeks. Another family from the church we go to when we actually go is picking Kylie up so she can participate in their family  home school group. It means a great deal to me that so many people are helping me especially with Kylie so that she doesn't miss out on everything because I work so much.

Another family we are friends with offered to take Kylie along with them next year when they go on a mini-vacation for an anime function. It is hard to cover all the basis as a single parent, her dad is participating more in her life but I am still the primary caregiver. We are very close and she goes everywhere with me but she needs to do kid things and she needs to be in church.

The Lord has provided  for this to happen and truly that is at the top of my list of blessing.

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